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At last, a single source of reliable content for everyone to use

In every city and region around the world, thousands of websites work in silos, each replicating the same content and functionality. It’s a massive duplication of resources costing local communities millions of dollars every year. Localista provides a powerful turnkey solution: a single source of reliable content and world-leading functionality in the cloud, updated and edited daily by regional and industry experts, made available for everyone to use.

Going global – that’s the power of local!

Localista is already the largest lifestyle and travel network in Australia, with 50,000 locals and industry experts updating 90,000 listings and 520,000 pages of content. At last count, content included 28 guides, 1,200 filters, 387,940 images and 3,670 videos. In 2023, we are expanding our network of local communities to include New Zealand and then the US. That’s the power of a global network powered by locals.

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