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About the Divi theme and why we use it

Divi is one of the most user friendly WordPress theme-builders in the world and it’s the primary tool that helps many people run their businesses.


Divi is powerful with countless features, but at the same time offers a super fast and high performance content delivery highway to your users. This can give your business a significant boost in SEO and ensure that you get the best possible rankings on Google.

In this tutorial you will learn:

  • About the Divi theme
  • Some of the key features


About the Divi theme and the benefits

Divi is a powerful visual theme-builder (WYSIWYG) and is one of the most widely used premium WordPress theme in the world. It is more than just a theme, it is a website building framework that makes beautiful designs possible without ever having to touch a single line of code. This is why millions of business owners world-wide choose Divi as the home base for their web presence.

Divi is jam-packed with features and here are some of benefits:

Visual builder

Divi offers the most user-friendly website visual builder, which allows you to focus on the design and let Divi handle all the coding behind the scenes.


Full customisation ability

While Divi offers many incredible pre-made layouts, templates and designs with such a comprehensive design customisation ability, it also provides the ability to developers, to use custom code such as CSS and jQuery in combination with the theme-builder to achieve pretty much anything you put your mind to.


Divi eliminates bloat

Divi offers the best of both worlds, the power of an expansive page-builder with the nimbleness of a lightweight theme. The theme is modular and crafted with care to the most minute details, so it only loads the content on the page that the user needs to see. This makes Divi one of the fastest and highest performing theme-builder in the world.

Below is a performance comparison of Divi and their competitors as of August 10th 2021.


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