Content Generator

The Content Generator makes it easy to create a customised list, map or trail, and generate the code ready to add to your website or blog. Designed for non-tech users, the whole process can be completed in less than one minute. Localista works on virtually all websites, with the exception of closed platforms such as WIX and Squarespace.

To see more about Free and Premium Content Licensing, click here.

Three simple steps

Follow the steps below and use the Content Generator to select the content you wish to display

Enter your license ID

If you have a Premium License, enter your license ID and select ‘Apply’. This will generate the content that appears for your license. If not, leave the license field blank.

Customise the widget

Select the location, listing-type and filters to show the content you wish to display on your website, or use the ADD SMARTLINK function to create a series of buttons with links to pre-filtered content and favourited lists, maps and trails.

Generate code

Select the SETTINGS and DESIGN buttons to further customise content and design. When completed, select GENERATE CODE and the copy and paste the code into your website. The content will automatically display.

Content Generator

For tips on using the Content Generator, visit our tutorials.